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Thank you for contributing to the 2023 National Transportation in Indian Country Conference (NTICC) as a presenter. We are excited to have you share your research, knowledge and experience with NTICC attendees. The following information is provided to help you prepare your presentation and understand commitments for presenting at NTICC.



The 26th Annual NTICC will be held in person from Sunday, September 24, 2023 - Thursday, September 28, 2023, at the Dena'ina Center in Anchorage, Alaska. General sessions and breakout sessions will take place Monday, September 25 - Thursday, September 28. The draft conference agenda is available by visiting and by clicking on the menu item "Draft Agenda". Presenters should verify the timeslot of their presentations, since minor changes are still possible. If you need to make revisions to the session title, or modify the listed  presenters or presenter credentials, please email corrections to as soon as possible.


All presenters must attend in person. Barring extreme circumstances, virtual presentation options will not be made available for this gathering. 


Please remember that all presenters must register for the conference. The two primary presenter registration options are included below. [If you are a sponsor/exhibitor, your registration is included in your company's sponsorship.]

  • Regular Presenter: Presenters who will attend the full conference are eligible to register at the reduced presenter rate of $300 (plus Eventbrite processing and service fees). To register as a presenter, click here and select the "Presenter" ticket option.

  • Drop-In Presenter: Presenters who will attend their session only, may be considered "Drop-In" presenters. To register as a Drop-In presenter, click here.


All general sessions are presented within a 120-minute period and will be held in the Tikahtnu Ballroom, on the third floor of the Dena'ina Center. Presentation dates and times are available on the draft agenda


All breakout sessions are presented within a 90-minute period in assigned breakout rooms of the Dena'ina Center. Presentation dates and times are available on the draft agenda. Breakout room locations are listed on the draft agenda


As a breakout session presenter, you are responsible for leading and moderating your session. If you would like to request a moderator for your session, please submit your request to


Please submit a 2 - 3 sentence session abstract for your presentation. If the session involves a panel or presenters, only the lead presenter should submit the presentation abstract. Please submit all abstracts by August 28, 2023. Submit your abstract here


As a session presenter, you have 90 minutes to conduct your session. Please reserve at least five (5) minutes at the end of each session for attendees to complete the post session survey.  

  • Use of slide-based presentations is encouraged. Presenters are welcome to use any presentation format they prefer. You are welcome to download and use the conference logo in your presentation. 

  • If your presentation includes a video or other multimedia, please embed the file into your presentation. This will increase your file size, but links can break preventing the use of your video.

  • You are responsible for providing copies of all handouts used for your session. 

  • Please arrive at your breakout session 15 - 30 minutes before the start of your session. If you need technical support, please visit the NTICC registration desk.

  • Breakout rooms will be set in either a classroom layout style or U-Shape layout. The presenter space will be equipped with a podium, table, chairs, and screen.

  • Presenters can expect up to 60 attendees for their session(s). There is no session preregistration, so NTICC staff do not know exactly how many attendees will be in each individual session.


Though not required, presenters are responsible for providing copies of handouts used during their sessions. You may find it convenient to use The UPS Store located at 645 G St STE 100, Anchorage, AK 99501, a one minute walk from the Dena'ina Center. Shipping and printing services along with office and packaging supplies are available.


Shipping needs can be coordinated with Alaska Event Services. Refer to the AES Kit for shipping instructions.



  • IMPORTANT: You must bring your presentation with you to the conference. NTICC staff will NOT have your presentation available at the conference. 

  • One (combined if necessary) presentation must be submitted for each session in PDF format. If multiple presentations are used in a single session, combine the separate presentations into one PDF (do not submit multiple separate presentations for one session).

  • The subject line of your emailed PDF presentation must be name of your session.

  • Submit your completed presentation to by Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

  • NTICC will make all presentations available on the conference website by October 9, 2023.


Projector and screens will be provided in all breakout rooms for use during presentations. Please supply your own laptop for your presentation. A limited number of laptops will be made available for emergency purposes. If you find that you need a microphone, please contact NTICC staff on-site. 


Attendees will be provided with pens and notebooks. Presenters must supply any additional items they may need for their presentation. This includes easels, poster boards, flip charts, markers, etc. 



Please contact our staff at

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