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2017 Roadeo WINNERS!

The 2017 Roadeo was the best Heavy Equipment Roadeo to date! There were 60 Roadeo participants from 25 different Tribal Transportation Departments! The competitors demonstrated their skills and agility on a collection of Motor Graders, Backhoes, Wheeled Loaders, and a Mini Excavator. MANY THANKS to Volvo, Mack Defense, and Caterpillar for donating the heavy equipment for use at the Roadeo!

2017 Roadeo Winners:

Motor Grader Supervisor

1. James Weldo

2. Jonathan Henio

3. Leon Gachupin

Motor Grader Operator

1. Joseph Vigil

2. Robert Blanchard

3. Val Dickson

Wheeled Loader Supervisor

1. James Weldon

2. Bill Noline

3. Mary Pete-Freeman

Wheeled Loader Operator

1. Benjamin Connors Sr.

2. John Williams

3. Tommy Pete

Backhoe Supervisor

1. James Weldon

2. Jonathan Henio

3. Bucky Lantz

Backhoe Operator

1. Preston Rodriguez

2. Anthony Lawnicki

3. Joshua Kohl

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